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The finished website is something we are very happy with & we've seen a marked improvement in business since we launched the new website. I highly recommend Opus Web Design. John - MDI Medical
We're delighted with our new website, it perfectly represents our business in the most professional way. Padraig made the process so easy for us and got us online within just a couple of weeks. Tracey - Wagtails Groomers
Our website perfectly represents our business in a simple but stylish design. The website also includes a CMS so we can easily update our projects gallery with new work which means the website is always up to date. Derek - McCaul Kitchens
As the business grew and developed we needed a website that represented us better and Opus provided just what we needed. Our online order system is great too - cutting down on paperwork and driving customer engagement. Martin - Grogan Timber Products

4 Approaches To Creating A Website

5 Different Approaches To Creating a Website
4 Different Approaches To Creating a Website

There are 4 main ways to create a website and although not all of them require knowledge of HTML, CSS or design in general it is definitely better if you have at least a basic understanding of all of them. At Opus web design we are skilled in all forms of web design and development and pride ourselves on always offering our clients the best solution for their business needs.

The 4 main ways to create a website are...

  • Programme it from scratch
  • Use a website template
  • Use a website builder
  • Utilise a CMS
Now that we know each of our website creation options, let's explore each of them in more detail.

Programme it from scratch 

Programming a website from scratch is the most time consuming option but also allows for greater control over all aspects of the website. Websites programmed from scratch tend to perform better in search engine rankings compared to similar websites created using website builders as they contain only the required code and can be optimised to a greater extent. Websites programmed from scratch also tend to be more visually appealing and unique than drag and drop website builders which can sometimes look "boxy" and overly similar to each other.

Start with a template

If you want your website up and running very quickly then perhaps a website template is the way to go for you. This is also a great option if your budget is small as the reduced time it takes to build the website will in turn lead to reduced costs. On the downside, templates can be purchased buy multiple people so somewhere out there is another website that is almost identical to yours. Templates are also less likely to be ideally structured for optimal SEO (search engine optimisation) so your website ranking can suffer unless you request additional SEO work to be done.

Use a website builder

Companies like SquareSpace, Wix and Weebly are the best options for this approach and they all offer a starter package where you can get online with a free sub-domain name and free hosting so they are also budget friendly to start with. Although on the surface it may seem like a good choice, the free domain name is not a full domain and they tend to overcharge you for a full domain name, the cost can escalate quickly as you look to add more features to your website.

Despite the costs, if you do have the time and have good technical skills you can offset these costs by maintaining and updating the website yourself using the builder's online editor.

Utilise a Content Management System

CMS for short, content management systems are similar to, and often confused with, website builders. The difference being a CMS website design and structure is often created by a web designer first before being handed over to a client who only has access to a front end editor to make any required updates. WordPress and Blogger are 2 of the most commonly used CMS's.

Which Option Is Right For You?

In order to help you choose the right approach to creating a website for your business Opus Web Design offers a Free 1hr website consultation. Contact us to make an appointment for your free business website consultation.