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Chapter One

Chapter One is a concept store, opened in June 2018. Bringing a beautifully designed alternative experience, which entices visitors from across the country to enjoy the perfect blend of a unique shopping experience coupled with high-quality food in a comfortable environment. This store offers a vast selection of giftware, jewellery and home furnishings, along with a fantastic array of food, all created onsite by our highly trained team of chefs. Chapter One is more than just shopping, it’s an experience.

The project brief was to update the old outdated website with simple tweaks to ease the customer experience online, go through a site health check, advertise the business through SEM and update the SEO. The website was extremely slow to load, using an outdated website builder and missing a lot of basic eCommerce functions that a customer would expect to see when shopping online. Amy was the team member chosen for this project.

As the website was already created on WordPress it was decided to do an overall health check on the site. When dealing with older websites it is extremely important all plugins and themes are kept up to date. Leaving outdated plugins or themes lowers the security of the website and can be more susceptible to malware infiltrations. This was one of the first steps undertaken, updating the website completely and ensuring all security measures were in place.

Next while liaising with the client we discovered some major issues customers were having on the website. Working through these and doing research to find solutions to customers issues. A major one was something as simple as the website did not have a cart on the website for customers to see what they were purchasing. Ensuring the website was mobile optimised as most of the traffic was coming from mobile devices.

The SEO of the website was thoroughly gone through, having a look at competitors in the target areas and ensuring all keywords are throughout the website pages. Image optimisation was a vital part of this overhaul as 95% of the images on the old website were far too large in file size with no alt tags and were causing the website pages to load slower than they should have been. Amy worked closely alongside the client to ensure all areas of the brief were me.

Chapter One are now a maintenance client working through SEM with Amy to ensure the brand is known in its target areas and with the target audience. The clients go through monthly training and update meetings to go through all areas of the website and bring to light issues or change the website may need. This project is one Amy continues to thoroughly enjoy and improve upon on a regular basis with the client.


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