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Christmas eCommerce Marketing Tactics to boost Holiday Sales!

Tips taken from the blog "9 Christmas eCommerce marketing tactics for maximizing holiday sales" by

It is no lie that people are more inclined to shop Online rather than in shopping centres this year more than any! And because of this, it is so important that your shop's ecommerce site is easy to use, up to date and is stocked up!

Tip 1: Decorate your ecommerce site for Christmas!

Using small motifs like snow or having countdowns until Christmas, can show that your store is taking part in the Festive Cheer and inspire people to shop on your site for Christmas Presents.

People respond very well to visual content and why not provide them with the ultimate Christmassy experience while they browse!

Using SEO keywords that are popular during Christmas time is another way to drive sales, words like 'Gifts for Her' or 'Last minute Christmas Gifts' could help you boost your sales.

Tip 2: Simplify the shopping experience

If people are buying Christmas gifts on your ecommerce site, they are going to want it to be an easy experience.

Having menu shortcuts or a search function can help make the experience quicker and more simple.

Tip 3: Ensure your site is mobile friendly!

People shop more often on their mobile phones and on the go during Christmas Time.

You should ensure that your site is mobile friendly, which will ultimately boost sales.

Tip 4: Stock up!

You don't want to disappoint customers with low inventory!

Ensure your webshop is adequately stocked and can re-order inventory quickly when needed.

Tip 5: Highlight shipping and return policies

A reliable shipping policy during Christmas Time can boost your sales. Things such as free shipping during Christmas is a plus!

Ensuring the return policy is easy to find is another big plus during Christmas, in case you're having second thoughts about buying a particular gift!


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