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Cliste Designs

Cliste is a small Irish business offering 'smart' graphic gift ideas for every occasion - specializing in Wedding, Engagement, Baby and Birthday gifts. Cliste meaning 'Smart' in Irish, Becky offers personalized gifts to bring a bit of joy into your life.

The client approached us for a new eCommerce website so that she could start selling her products online. She had an existing website but wanted it to be on a more up to date platform with a new, fresher design.

Shopify was the platform chosen for this website, so Becky could manage her orders and stock levels as well as add and edit products as she pleases.

The website consists of a completely responsive design, friendly for mobile, tablet or desktop. And also features some custom HTML sections such as on the home page. For personalized designs we added a feature that clients could add their relevant information for Becky to add to the artwork.

The website is properly optimized as to increase the companies rankings on search engines.

The website was launched in December 2021.

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