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InDepth Water Management

InDepth Water Management is your one-stop solution for water management and leak detection. Their experienced and friendly staff, using the latest and best in technology, will detect your leak in no time at all!

The project brief was to redesign the old outdated website and give it a new fresh modern look. The current website was extremely slow and took up to 7 seconds to load for users which were resulting in a high bounce rate on the website. This means the website was taking so long to load potential customers were getting frustrated and leaving the website before it even loaded. Amy was the team member chosen for this project.

As the website was already created on WordPress it was a complete overhaul that needed to be undergone. This involved removing all unnecessary plugins on the website and replacing them with plugins with multi-function plugins. Image optimisation, there were over 200 images on this website all of which were huge file sizes, the bigger the image the longer the website page will take to load. All images were optimised to the correct website specifications.

Then a complete redesign of the website was done, this involved a new design, a new call to action and more focus on the user experience. Amy worked closely alongside the client with weekly meetings and site visits to ensure every aspect of the new site was up to the client’s standards.

The client is also on maintenance with Opus Web Design. This involves adding blog posts to the website, Google Adwords running weekly and a quick turnaround on any website updates.

The websites speed has gone from 7 seconds down to below 2 seconds of a loading speed. SEO was also done on this website which has increased their organic Google ranking. Google Search Console has also been added which also helps with Google ranking and Google Analytics which allows us to provide monthly reports to the client on the statistics of the website.

The project was completed in January 2022.


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