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Natural Wellness Social Media Maintenance

Natural Wellness work with people to improve their quality of life through a mix of nutritional therapy, health screening and treatment advice.

Catherine joined our social media maintenance plan in order to boost her businesses social media presence. When she joined us she only had Facebook page, which was resulting in a limited social media presence. We set up new Instagram account for her, and created new graphics templates, which highlight her preferred CTA (call-to-action). We also continuously perform hashtag research, looking at Natural Wellness’ competitors and the hashtags they use, as well as researching new hashtags to use. We regularly run social media ad campaigns in order to drive traffic to the Natural Wellness website, where customers can book their required service directly through the website. We are continuing to build an authentic audience on each platform by engaging with our community regularly. We also provide analytic reports every 3 months so the client can see our progress.


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