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Niall Fox Solicitors Website

Opus Web Design is delighted to have been involved in the launching of a new local business - Niall Fox Solicitors.

Opus Web Design undertook the design and creation of Niall's new logo, business documents and mobile focused website. This mobile first design is scalable up to the biggest screens but is optimised in terms of design, speed and user experience to work best on mobile devices to allow for optimal use on mobile, as that is how most users will access the website.

Featuring inquiry forms, subtle animations, modern & minimal design elements and a monochromatic colour scheme this is a website which reflects the businesses modern outlook. Niall Fox Solicitors is a contentious legal firm located in Cavan town. If you are facing a dispute, prosecution or dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic accident or incident, Niall Fox Solicitors can help you.


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