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The Insomnia Clinic

In 2013 the first-ever dedicated insomnia clinic was founded in Ireland. The Insomnia Clinic now runs a full-time service and has locations in Dublin (Cremorne Clinic) and Cavan (McDaid’s Pharmacy), as well as an online service.

The project brief was for a website redesign, the client had an outdated and hard to navigate website. They wanted a new fresh design, that was user friendly, easy to navigate and represented the business brand.

The Insomnia Clini was built using Editor X, this allowed for a fully responsive website across all devices. Amy was the member assigned to this project redesign and worked closely with the client to ensure all key requirements were met.

Functionalities added to the website was sections to allow users to upload GP referrals and any other documentation relevant for their first session. A Sleep blog for top tips and recommendations.

The project took one month to complete and the client was extremely happy with the results. Completed in November 2020.


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