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Antone Briody Construction

Anything is possible when it comes to building your home. Antone Briody Construction has all the skills and experience necessary to ensure that your dream home becomes a reality. They take pride in the quality of service they offer to their clients and their aim is to provide a top-class job on time and within budget.

The project brief was for a website redesign, the client had an outdated and hard to navigate website. They wanted a new fresh design, that was user friendly, easy to navigate and represented the business brand.

Antone Briody Construction was built on WIX as the client wanted to have full control over editing content and adding new projects to the website. Amy was the member assigned to this project redesign and worked closely with the client to ensure all key requirements were met.

The website functionalities were kept basic as the main focus for the client was to have the front and centre of their stunning project. To ensure all projects were the focal point all images are nice and big to bring your eye straight to them. The project was finished in April 2021.

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