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The finished website is something we are very happy with and we've seen a marked improvement in business since we launched the new website. I'd highly recommend Opus Web Design. John - MDI Medical
We're delighted with our new website, it perfectly represents our business in the most professional way. Padraig made the process so easy for us and got us online within a couple of few weeks. Tracey - Wagtails Groomers
Our website perfectly represents our business in a simple but stylish design. The website also includes a CMS so we can easily update our projects gallery with new work which means the website is always up to date with recent projects. Derek - McCaul Kitchens
As the business grew and developed we needed a website that represented us better and Padraig provided just what we needed. Our online order system is great too - cutting down on paperwork and driving extra customer engagement. Martin - Grogan Timber Products

9 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Website

signs you need to redesign your website
Just because your website is online doesn't mean its working for you

A website is a bit like a car, when you get a new one it is all shiny and new with lots of nice features and it runs like a dream. But, if left alone... as time passed the new features aren't that new anymore, it starts to run a bit slower and it isn't as fancy as it was compared to the newer models around. So just like a car, you need to do regular maintenance work to keep it running smooth for as long as possible, but after a few years it will still be time to trade it in or even get a new one. A bit of a long winded metaphor maybe but hopefully you get the point! Websites need regular maintenance and every few years they need an upgrade or redesign. Here we point out 9 signs that your website is in need of a redesign.