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Bernard Smith Engineering

Bernard Smith Consulting Engineers (BSCE) is an innovative and progressive mechanical and electrical engineering consultancy with a reputation for designing high-quality, energy efficient buildings, throughout Ireland.

The client's brief was to create a new website from scratch. They were looking for a contemporary design that reflected their progressive and innovative approach to business. Their objective was to present their services and projects in a manner that was easy to navigate and user-friendly. Additionally, they wanted to incorporate a feature that would enable potential customers to get in touch with them.

Bernard Smith Consulting Engineers was built on WIX as the client wanted to have full control over editing content and adding new projects to the website. Opus Web Design worked closely with the client to ensure all key requirements were met.

By using a Content Manager System with Data Sets, we were able to create a initial page template, where the client would go into a database system and fill in project information which would automatically populate a new page. This creates ease and efficiency for the client as they don't have to create and design a new page when they want to add a new project.

A contact form and location map was added to the website to ensure potential customers could contact the client efficiently.

The client received full training on the website and was extremely happy with the site and its easy-to-navigate layout.

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