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Cavan Heritage Website

The guiding principle of Cavan County Heritage Office is to ensure that “the unique and diverse heritage of County Cavan is conserved, sustained and, above all, cherished and celebrated by the people of the County”.

The project brief was for a website redesign, the client had an outdated and hard to navigate website. They wanted a new fresh design, that was user friendly, easy to navigate and represented the heritage office.

Cavan Heritage was built using WIX, as the client wanted to be able to manage the website and post any events/blogs for the heritage office. Amy was the member assigned to this project redesign and worked closely with the client to ensure all key requirements were met.

Functionalities added to the website was a newsletter to keep users up to date on upcoming events. Pop-up contact forms for users to easily get in contact with the client, news and events blog for upcoming and past events. Customised forms for different areas of interest so users can log where they saw certain animals etc.

Upon completion of the website, the client went through training with us. This has allowed them to manage the live chat function themselves and post any new events/projects. The project took one month to complete and the client was extremely happy with the results. Completed June 2020


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