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Crannog Garden Rooms

Architecturally beautiful and finished in natural materials, a Crannog Garden Room is a handcrafted space that provides a stunning addition to your home or garden. The uses for Crannogs’ are endless and each can transform your garden space into anything from a remote working office, a home gym, a children’s playroom, a music or art room or simply a place to relax.

The brief for this project was to redesign the old outdated website and give it a new modern user-friendly interface. It was vital to the client that the website represented the high-quality product that they provide. The platform the website was already using was WordPress and it was decided to keep this platform for the redesign. Amy was the team member chosen for this project.

One of the most important things to be achieved from the website was to get potential customers to make contact with the client. This is why throughout the website there is a wide variety of CTA buttons from free consultation, contact, FAQs, visiting the showroom, energy efficiency and much more.

The client felt the old website did not represent the companies brand. A new colour palette, font, background textures and new product photos were added to give the website a more high end feel. Ensure that information such as pricing, sizing etc of all the product ranges are easily found for customers. Any potential questions are answered and available to the customer through the FAQs page

The end result is a fully functional user-friendly website with makes finding information and getting in touch with Crannog a breeze. This website was launched in February 2022.


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