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Lee Ashley Groundworks

Lee Ashley Groundworks, based in Ireland, excels in providing essential ground works services. Their expertise includes efficient drainage solutions, comprehensive Civil Engineering, and reliable Plant Hire. Additionally, specialize in Residental Site Development & Commercial Site Development, adeptly preparing land for various construction projects. Renowned for our quality and efficiency, we are a preferred choice in the Irish construction industry.

The site is built on WIX Studio. Emphasizing a sleek color scheme of grey, white, and vibrant orange, the site boasts large, engaging images that showcase the company’s services and projects. Niall’s design cleverly incorporates contrasting geometric shapes, using square sections for content organization paired with circular buttons for smooth navigation, enhancing the user experience.

Leveraging Wix Studio’s CMS capabilities, the site features dedicated pages for the clients service and plant hire, providing detailed information in a clean, accessible format. Additionally, the website includes elements like a contact form for potential clients, and specific forms for subcontractors and employees, streamlining the process of communication and information gathering.


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