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EmployAbility Service Wicklow

Established in 2001, EmployAbility Service Wicklow is a supported employment service for people with any long-term medical condition, illness, injury, or disability. They are part of a network of 23 supported employment companies nationally and funded by the Department of Social Protection. The brief for this project was to update the current website which did not have any current information for potential applicants.

The platform chosen for this website was WIX. It was vital to the client that the website was accessible to everyone. “By making your website accessible, you are ensuring that all of your potential users, including people with disabilities, have a decent user experience and are able to easily access your information. By implementing accessibility best practices, you are also improving the usability of the site for all users.” -

Functionalities added to the website where a “book a meeting”, gives users the option to book meetings with clients. Providing this online allows the clients to keep track of enquires and potential job seekers and employers all in one place. As part of this project, training has also been provided to the client to allow them to keep the website updated easily on any device.

The website was launched in May 2022.


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