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Eyes, Lids & Face Social Media Maintenance

Eyes, Lids and Face Clinic by Dr. Maeve O'Doherty approached us looking for a new website and social media maintenance, to build her new brand and engage with new followers. Dr. Maeve O’Doherty is an Ophthalmologist and Facial Aesthetic Surgeon based in Co. Clare.

Maeve wanted to build her new brand and use social media to engage and educate her followers on her different services and conditions relating to the eye which she fixes. We developed an in-depth content strategy tailored to Dr Maeves business with posts for Facebook, Instagram and weekly TikTok videos. We made a couple of site visits to Maeve in Clare to take content for videos. We also created graphic templates to build her new brand, with interactive and engaging stories. We also host interactive 'Q&A' days where her followers engage with Maeve and she sends video-responses to her followers.

We continuously perform hashtag research which included researching trending hashtags in her industry.

We are always working to build an engaged audience by regularly engaging with accounts in our community. We also run social media ads

TikTok is a huge platform for Maeve as she receives most of her engagement through this by posting weekly videos following trends and answering questions etc.

Maeve has seen a huge engagement from her followers and a big interest in the services that she offers.


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