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Galetech Contracts

Galetech Contracts, a subsidiary of the Galetech Group, operates as a construction services firm headquartered in Ireland. With specialised proficiency in a range of technical, commercial, and business-oriented construction endeavours, Galetech Contracts has garnered acclaim for successfully delivering intricate projects while placing paramount emphasis on customer contentment through a hands-on approach.

The scope of this project encompassed the development of a companion website for Galetech Group. The website was meticulously designed to be responsive across various platforms including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, featuring a bespoke map page showcasing the company's portfolio, and a news section dynamically integrated with content sourced from the primary Group Website. Amy spearheaded the redesign efforts, collaborating closely with the client to ensure adherence to all essential specifications.

Utilising WIX Studios, Galetech Contracts' website was constructed to facilitate client autonomy in updating content. Integration of an RSS Feed was implemented to seamlessly synchronise news and events content from the main group site, streamlining content management across all affiliated websites.

Galetech Contracts new website mockup on different devices


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