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Galetech Measurement Services

Galetech Measurement Services are part of Galetech Group. They are a dedicated measurement services team who are solely focused on unlocking the potential of their client’s renewable energy projects.

The brief of this project was to create a sister website of the company Galetech Group. With a responsive design for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile, a gallery to feature their recent projects, and a news section which is pulling content from the main Group Website. Niamh was the member assigned to this project redesign and worked closely with the client to ensure all key requirements were met.

Galetech Measurement Services was created on WIX as this was the most user friendly CMS System so that the client can eventually go into the site and update the gallery etc. We used an RSS Feed that is pulling News and Events content from the main group site, meaning the client only has to update one blog and the changes will commence throughout all sister websites.

The site was complete in February 2023 and the client is delighted with the result.


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