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IPCA Global

Dr. Garry Keegan is the founder and CEO of IPCA Global. He is a leading community impact and conflict intervention expert in the area of infrastructure and urban development. He leads a team of associates dedicated to negotiating and managing solutions with external stakeholders, in particular local communities located in close proximity to new single and multi-site facilities. The website brief was to create a brand new website along with an online course for students.

The platform chosen for the new website was WIX and the course was designed and created on Teachables. Wix was chosen as it contained all of the functionalities and personalisation that the client required. Amy was the team member chosen to do this project and worked closely alongside the client to ensure all of their key requirements were met.

Functionalities added to the website was a live chat which was very important to the client to generate leads. Sign up sections and pop-ups to generate leads for the online course. An integrated blog for projects which could be filtered by the industry for which they were done. The creation of the course included setting up and integrating payment methods as well as designing the course slides and lectures.

Upon completion of the website and course, the client stayed on a maintenance contract to ensure all leads were followed up. This also allowed us to have a hands-on approach with the course and live chat, allowing the client to take a step back. The client was extremely happy with the end results. The website went live in December 2020.


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