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Lunches4School Website and App

Lunches 4 School have been providing lunches/dinners and breakfast club snacks to schools in Longford and Leitrim since 2003. They cater to both Primary and Secondary school and have menus that are age appropriate as the children grow. They provide bespoke menu range that ensures that there is a choice to suite all taste buds and each meal provides all the necessary nutritional value in a tasty healthy meal - hot or cold direct to schools.

The client came to Opus web Design with an existing website and application that did not work out for their business. They needed a website and app for parents to log in and order their child's lunch weekly or monthly.

We created their website on Wix as they can log in and manage users and parent contact requests. We gave their website a secure login function where parents can create an account and view school information and menus which are often updated.

We also created an app for parents phones using Jotform Apps, where parents are able to securely login using their email address and password as well as a unique school code, and place orders monthly and weekly for their child.

The client decided to keep us for maintenance where we update their app and website regularly. We also create lunch labels for them each week for different schools for different meals.

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