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Playa Blanca Villa Rental

Playa Blanca Villa Rentals is based in the gorgeous Playa Blanca region in Lanzarote. With three stunning Villas at amazing prices for you and your family to explore everything, Lanzarote has to offer! The brief for this project was to redesign the old outdated website and give it a new fresh tropical vibe. Along with the main focus of an online accommodation booking system.

The platform chosen for this project was WordPress. The client’s main focus for this site was to create an online booking facility for her Villas which was something the old website was missing. The website needed to be easy to navigate and user friendly. Amy was the team member chosen for this project

Functionalities added to the website are as follows; an online booking system where users can select dates, see what dates are unavailable and book their stay online. Blogs for news and events, contact information to be front and centre for customers. Customised forms for document upload and the ability to edit bookings to add documents or change dates.

Upon project completion, the client went through training with us to ensure she was comfortable with every aspect of the booking platform. She is now able to manage and maintain all of her bookings when and where she needs to.

This website is one of Amy’s favourites as the client was happy for her to choose whatever colour palette and design she wanted. The booking system was one of the main challenges of the website but the end result is a fully functional booking platform for our client. This project took a little over 2 months to complete with a completion date of June 2021.


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