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Positive System Solutions

The mission of Positive System Solutions is to provide scalable retail solutions enabling their customers to grow and develop in a rapidly evolving world. Their aim is to ensure great relationships with their customers by delivering unparalleled support through reliability, professional technical support and the most advanced retail solutions. They maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment ensuring continual upskilling and personal growth for their employees.

The brief for this project was a redesign of the old outdated website which contained out of date information on the companies services. To create a fully responsive custom website with sitewide SEO and Google Account setups.

The platform chosen for this project was WordPress. It was vital for the client that there was a wide range of call to action throughout the site to get customers and potential customers to reach out to them. As the client had a wide range of services and content the website needed to be easy to navigate ensuring customers got to where they wanted as quickly as possible.

Custom contact forms, blogs and customer stories were created for the client. Which are easy to update for themselves going forward. As Facebook is a strong point of contact for them a Facebook Messenger chat plugin was added to the website.

Included in this project were the set-up of the Google My Business, Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. Along with SEO to ensure they are right up there with all competitors in the industry. Image optimisation and site speed to ensure no user is left sitting waiting for the website to load.

The result is a fully responsive, user-friendly website that makes searching for information and getting in contact a breeze for users. The website was launched in November 2021.


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