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Save On Bills

Save On Bills works with homes and businesses throughout Ireland offering free reviews on Electricity, Gas, Landline, Broadband and Merchant Services. They review your current rate and bill status, then they check and compare the best rates in the market to find the right deal for your home or business. The brief for this project was for a brand new clean and modern website that catches the users eye.

The platform chosen for this project was WordPress. The client’s main focus for this website was to create a site that users can fill out and submit their details with their current providers. To give background information on the business and everything that they can provide for you. Amy was the team member chosen for this project.

Functionalities added to the website are as follows; a search bar to make it easier for users to browse the site, online form submission for residential and business customers, contact form for any enquiries from customers.

The end result is a fully functional user-friendly website that makes submitting your information and receiving a free service easy and stress-free. This project design is one Amy thoroughly enjoyed, with the colour scheme and graphics it was a design she had been dying to use for a client and save on bills fitted the criteria perfectly.

From start to finish the website took one month to complete and was launched in September 2021.


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