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Shira Jewellery Website Facelift

Shira Jewellery was established in 2003 and has become a specialist in handmade costume jewellery. They offer a range of classic and timeless designs as well as vintage inspired jewellery pieces.

Shira came to us as a client in 2019 and we built them an ecommerce, responsive website. They had since been a trusty maintenance client with Opus and the client and we decided that it was time the site had a facelift, as technology progresses so much each year we must keep up to date with design changes and shifts.

We decided to give the site a pop of colour by integrating their iconic dusty pink throughout the site. We also improved statistics of the site that were eventually getting worse over time.

We added more products as well as organising the back end of the site to allow for easier sorting.

We added a new video banner and a plethora of new images of models with the jewellery.

We are constantly maintaining the website and Google account through maintenance.


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