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Tow Away Trailers

Building the Tow Away Trailers Brand

A strong brand identity is as essential for a business as a well-built trailer is for hauling. That's why we embarked on the journey of developing a comprehensive brand kit for Tow Away Trailers.

The Colour Foundation

We selected a striking navy blue and yellow color scheme, with navy symbolizing trust and reliability, and yellow adding energy, optimism, and a nod to the open road.

Logo – The Symbol of Our Mission

The logo is the heart of a brand. For Tow Away Trailers, we wanted something simple yet powerful, to stand out and relay the message of dependability. Fonts were selected that are bold and easily readable, underscoring the company's no-nonsense approach.

The Business Essentials

Every touchpoint with a client matters. We translated our brand identity into:

  • Business Cards: A minimalist design with the key information front and center.

  • Letterhead: The logo takes pride of place, ensuring brand recognition with every document.

  • Compliment Slip: A short "Thank you" note on our branded slip conveys gratitude and reinforces our identity.

The Brochure – Showcasing Offerings

The brochure is a key marketing tool for Tow Away Trailers. We designed it with ample white space to maintain an uncluttered look. High-quality images of various trailer models and clear specifications.

A Cohesive Brand, A Strong Message

From the smallest graphic asset to our main marketing materials, consistency is key. Our brand kit ensures Tow Away Trailers presents a unified, professional image. With this solid visual foundation


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