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Galetech Energy Services

Galetech Energy Services offers expert guidance in renewable energy solutions, combining technical know-how with commercial foresight. With a focus on efficiency and sustainability, there team provides tailored strategies to navigate the complexities of clean energy projects. They are committed to driving the global transition to renewable energy through our specialized expertise and innovative approach.

Galetech Energy Services recognized the need for a revamp, seeking a sleeker, more intuitive interface to reflect their commitment to innovation. Enter Opus Web Design, a renowned name in the industry for their prowess in transforming digital landscapes. Tasked with the overhaul, Opus leveraged their expertise to craft a dynamic redesign that encapsulated Galetech's essence while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic.

Under the creative helm of Harrison, a talented member of the Opus team, the project flourished. Harrison meticulously orchestrated a cleaner layout, vibrant new imagery, and a sophisticated colour palette to breathe new life into Galetech's virtual storefront. Utilizing Wix Studio, the latest in website design software from Wix, they seamlessly integrated captivating animations and responsive breakpoints, ensuring an optimal viewing experience across all devices.

Integration of an RSS Feed was implemented to seamlessly synchronise news and events content from the main group site, streamlining content management across all affiliated websites.

Galetech mock up on different devices


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